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GravityView – Multiple Forms

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Connect multiple Gravity Forms forms that share field values.

If you have two forms that share values (for example, both forms may contain a person’s email address, phone number, name, state, etc.), you can combine them and show data from both forms in one View!

The plugin supports two modes for displaying connected values:

Show all entries from Form A, regardless of whether the Form B field has content.

A table of Form A and Form B. All Form A rows are displaying. Some cells in Form B have content, others do not.

Show only entries from Form A that have values in Form B.

A table of Form A and Form B. Form A rows are displaying only where Form B cells have content.

Features coming soon to the plugin

This is a phased rollout of functionality on Multiple Forms. We’re working quickly to get this functionality added.

This functionality is coming in future updates:

  • Show a row for each entry from each form, instead of combining the forms into one row. Developers: The plugin will support unions as well as the current joins.
  • Search specific fields on connected forms (currently only “Search All Fields” and the parent form fields are searchable)
  • Add support for the Advanced Filtering extension across joined fields
  • Connect forms based on the values from connected forms (not just values from the parent form)

Known issues

  • The values shown in the Merge Tag picker and auto-complete aren’t refreshed