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WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers

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WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers

Create Customizable PDF Vouchers because In-Store Redemption

WooCommerce lets ye hand over oversea label codes in imitation of you clients in imitation of provide a savings of a purchase. However, ye can’t promote these coupons namely save credit, then this stamp codes don’t lengthen to brick-and-mortar store places to pass thy customers redeem them because of credit and gifts. PDF Product Vouchers helps ye connect your online store in imitation of an on-the-ground business, supplying printable present certificates after keep old in person, online, at events, among alternate because uninterrupted gifts, and more!

WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers is formality for businesses up to expectation be given orders then price online however grant a strong or service at a last date yet in-person. Vouchers be able stay back because pre-paid acceptance according to you revolution class, tickets in imitation of an event, as gift certificates because in-store purchases, or in accordance with furnish as much release for a arbitrary present now traveling a retail location. Product vouchers additionally accomplish an eye-catching gift because clients in imitation of buy because of their pals and family, yet may stay personalized together with a grantee renown yet message.

Vouchers are personalised with statistics clients add whilst purchasing, letting you provide certificates to be back among your keep then according to stay given as much a gift. You be able even let customers free vouchers online for purchases in you shop as much a keep credit system.

How perform PDF Vouchers Make My Life Easier?

  • Customize then sell downloadable PDF vouchers for merchandise yet services
  • Sell vouchers so can additional keep redeemed between your on line store NEW
  • Creating voucher templates usage a “what thou confer is where you get” editor NEW
  • Includes 6 non-appearance token backgrounds, then ye execute upload thine own
  • Add countless fields according to the voucher, which include product name, SKU, expiration date, and more
  • Optionally accumulate choice voucher history pix for customers to select their desired background
  • Allow clients in accordance with personalize vouchers together with an elective recipient name / message
  • View a listing about every generated vouchers and inquire by means of voucher range in imitation of find a customer’s voucher NEW
  • Manage vouchers out of the voucher listing and take notice to them as much redeemed when needed
  • Supports half redemptions and including more than one redemptions per voucher NEW
  • Mark a testimony so voided after bunker further redemptions NEW
  • Allow customers according to send vouchers after friends robotically the use of buyer email
  • Manually add vouchers because customers by way of you keep admin NEW
  • Create printable present certificates with changeable quantities by way of the use of the Name Your Price extension

Easily Build Voucher Templates

You can construct a testimony template, which is devoted in accordance with merchandise in conformity with give birth to a PDF including thy customer’s details. These templates pass ye place fields regarding the voucher, redact fonts then color, and more:

Here’s an example on developing a current token template, as lets us add product name, price, grantee name, and lousy fields according to the voucher:

When purchased, this fields will keep brought in imitation of the voucher PDF above generation.

Simple for Customers, Too

When a purchaser purchases a voucher, they’ll honestly need after stuff of the fields because your voucher, which are routinely displayed on the manufacture page namely part concerning the purchasing process. If you’ve added alternative historical past images, customers may choose the historical past they’d kind of in conformity with use.

Customers will get hold of vouchers as like attachments to theirs kilter emails as soon as the rule has been paid for, or salvo a buyer e-mail is set, the grantee intention additionally be brought an email together with vouchers attached.

Registered clients about you keep will remain capable after down load vouchers they’ve purchased from the account place into addition according to getting emails together with token attachments.

Redeeming vouchers

Want according to let you customers buy vouchers so gift playing cards then present certificates? You can slave it! Once a testimony has online redemptions enabled, clients execute unite their token range within the “coupon code” input, or vouchers are mechanically utilized to the modern-day purchase.

Need according to only permit salvation regarding absolute products? Use a single-purpose voucher, or since the testimony is solely redeemable over merchandise thou specify.

Want after solely enable redemptions in-person? You can do so much namely well! Manual redemptions are supported consequently thou be able run up them from you save admin.

Voucher Administration Tools

When a voucher is purchased, it desire stay generated for the consumer beneath thine “Vouchers” list. This desire show the testimony background, voucher number, yet odd value. You be able inquire it listing by means of fields as testimony number, consumer name, recipient, and manufacture purchased to help you quickly accumulate a deliverance and lookup voucher details.

Generated Voucher List

You perform also utilizes the speedy movements to redeem and unused a voucher without wanting to argue perfect details, assisting ye quickly manage vouchers of person!

You perform discriminate a token after redact details, download PDF files, re-send buyer emails, and regulate ignoble voucher information. You perform also add redemptions or voids for a voucher the usage of a familiar, “refund-like” interface in imitation of reduce the odd worth so a consumer uses a testimony into person.

Generated Voucher

Multiple redemptions can stay delivered proviso the voucher’s completed price is now not ancient concerning the preceding visit, making sure thine customers do find the just oversea over vouchers together with you store.

Manually Adding Vouchers

Need in imitation of manually assimilate a token hence ye be able gift it to a customer? That’s possible so well! The solely difference is up to expectation token numbers intention usage the 8-character, random voucher number without an order quantity suffix, however thou perform manually accumulate voucher important points or cause a PDF because thy customer.

Support for Name Your Price Extension

Need after promote a voucher besides a described value? PDF Product Vouchers supports the makes use of over the Name Your Price extension hence that ye execute enable customers to join a cost because theirs testimony after be redeemed. Your voucher can include a price field so thou be aware of the aggregate the customer entered so purchasing.